Partials and Dentures

An increasing number of people in the United States find themselves needing some sort of prosthetic teeth device. These prosthetic teething devices are called either dentures or partials, and which one a patient gets depends on the state of his or her mouth.

Full, complete sets of dentures are used for patients who have either no remaining natural teeth, or need a set for either the lower or upper cavity. These dentures are often found in older patients who have long since had their natural adult teeth removed. Partial sets of dentures are fitted for patients who may only be missing a certain section of teeth either within the upper or lower cavity. These smaller, less expensive partials are used often in young people who may have a disease or mishap that caused the removal of a section of their adult teeth.

Dentures in Reseda

Partials and dentures are becoming a predominant feature in society. As the baby boomer generation grows into their eighties and nineties, their dental features deteriorate. Elderly people are among the first to need a pair of false teeth. They are notorious for it. The elderly obtain dentures because, more often than naught, maintaining a pair of fake teeth is much easier than trying to restore the natural set that has decayed over the years. Often times, full denture sets are inexpensive compared to many procedures used to fix dental problems.

In younger dental patients, partials and dentures are prevalent in people who have had much dental work performed in the past. In most cases, getting fitted with dentures is cheaper than having to wear braces for a number of years, undergo countless operations and surgeries, as well as wearing headgear or wearing a retainer every night for the rest of one’s life. Partials and dentures are not only for the older folks, but they offer dental security to those who cannot quite afford the fancy means of maintaining their natural teeth.

Partials and dentures have been around for centuries. Not only do they aide their wearers with chewing and digestion, but they restore the natural shape to the face once the wearer’s teeth have been lost or removed. In both young and older patients, this helps restore self confidence. The loss of teeth can be a frightening concept. With the proper partial or denture, confidence and security can be found.

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