Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is a form of dentistry where dentists treat children from a very young age, to adolescence age, and their specialty is helping to promote the dental health of all children. These types of dentists primarily focus on the health of a child’s teeth and gum area, and preventing infections within the mouth. Pediatric dentists can also be available as a resource for many parents, in keeping them informed on the health of their child or their children’s teeth and gums. The American Academy Of Pediatrics, also suggests to parents of children, that they bring their child in for a dental visit at least 6 months after the child’s first tooth has appeared. Many times, it is vital for children to attend a dentist regularly to prevent such things as gum disease and tooth decay from occurring.

Pediatric Dentist Reseda

Often after a visit to the dentist, parents are given oral care supplies for their children as a reminder that taking care of the teeth is very important. Pediatric dentists provide a wide variety of services to children on initial dental visits to the office, and many of the treatments vary from simple cleaning procedures of the gums and teeth, to caring for more severe dental injuries to the teeth and mouth. Each child’s visit to the dentist should be a pain free experience, making the child comfortable, and less afraid of the procedure.

Pediatric dentistry has many benefits for children and parents, and the most highly trained professionals, provide the best care for children. Pediatric dentists do require more education than a typical dentist, therefore providing more experienced care to children. Dentists that treat children, are able to begin treatment from when the child is an infant, and are confident in knowing how to prevent fear in the child. Many times, children’s dentists offices are equipped with many toys for the children to play with, therefore providing the child a more comfortable home like environment while they are visiting the office. Most parents are provided with many financial options. Most dentists will take children that are covered through different types of dental insurance that the parents have purchased.

Pediatric dentistry Reseda

Many children are on government assistance, and dentists welcome payments from medicaid, and other sources. Many parents choose to pay in cash for the visit, and for the treatments administered during the visit. For all persons looking for a good Cosmetic pediatric dentist in the Valley. Dr. Kass is a licensed, trained, expert in the field. Patient satisfaction is the main ingredient that Dr. Kass wants to promote in his office daily. He and his staff work hard to treat each child with care, security, and respect, and lets the parents be very involved in the care of their child’s treatments. People are able to call the office and schedule an appointment for their child at any time. Staff are always glad to accommodate scheduling options to suit the parent and the child’s schedule. The office always welcomes children back for follow up appointments if needed.